Pelican Chamber of Commerce News February 2024 ✧ Norm Carson

  • During the summer of 2021 Couer Mining contracted a  small group of geologists to inspect the Apex El Nido mine  area across the inlet from Pelican. For Approximately 21  days the group hiked up the trail to the site of the former  stamp mill and beyond. The geologists gathered approximately 1,000 pounds of mineral samples and took  them back for analysis. The results of the samples were  favorable but current federal policies and inflation caused  Couer to not return in 2022 or 23. Recent contact with the project manager for Millrock Mining revealed they are  hopeful when the economy begins to “normalize” there will  be renewed interest in exploration and development. 
  • The City of Pelican has negotiated the sale of the former  Crab Plant to Yakobi Fisheries (YF). YF has been  operating out of the plant in a lease arrangement for 12  seasons. YF employs approximately 25 seasonal employees. YF purchases commercially caught salmon  and groundfish, then flash freezes this value added product for resale. 
  • The Alaska Marine Highway System recently announced it  has submitted a grant to fund expansion of the ferry  terminal; the objective to allow service by the new side  loading vessel that will eventually replace the stern loading  LeConte. This project is anticipated to be completed in  2026. 
  • Yakobi Fisheries Juneau Facility is handling freight orders  to Pelican. Phone 907-209-1053 and deliver freight to the  warehouse at: 9447 LaPerouse St. 
  • The City is advising new business interests to call the City  and inquire about a building permit. The City sewage  system is presently under major overhaul; new additions to  the system are extremely limited.