Mayors First Year Report for October 2017

I would like to present an overview of what’s going on in the Mayors’ office;

Regarding Grants;

The Ice Bin grant application did not make the grade last year, and will be resubmitted. Mr. Keizer has volunteered to attend the Community Development Block Grant workshop next week after which we will be reviewing and revising the grant application for resubmittal by December 1st this year. ( This has also been turned in to the fed’s as a “Shovel Ready Project” grant request.)

The Ice Machine grant in hand will be used in part to roof half of the Fish Plant building. The roofing machine manufacturer’s representative will be here the first week of November to train us on operating the machine, and that training will include beginning to form the roofing for the Fish Plant, the first of many roofing projects.

The Fuel Dock grant engineer has assured me it will be advertised for bids this fall with construction to begin spring of 2018. ( This project was also turned in in its entirety as a “Shovel Ready Project” grant request .)

The Penstock Grant work is in progress, 95% of the materials are in town and we have begun the process of staging fill materials at the top of the hill. In the spring we will arrange a preconstruction meeting with the engineers contracted for inspection services and begin wrapping and covering the penstock.

Regarding our Public Works department;

I have developed a draft job description for the Public Works Department Supervisor and will be discussing it with our personnel board in the next couple of weeks. I hope to have it posted in November. Until then I am supervising a reorganization of the City Shop facilities while Quinton is responsible to see to it that we bring all our water and sewer operations into complete compliance. Both Allen and Derek Stewart will be assisting him in this effort on a part time basis.

We have begun a large cleanup and repair effort to address the maintenance backlog at our City Shop, City Equipment Yard, the boat yard, school yards, fish plant, and harbor facilities. Please note that the volume of work that needs to be addressed cannot be condensed into one report and will be ongoing during my complete term as mayor. And it has been expensive. The average total of City employee wages has temporarily increased by over $8,000.00 per month for 2018 as compared to 2017, but this includes a lot of things besides Public Works.

A sample of labor costs for the last 9 months includes;


(please note we are working on a lot of things here and these numbers change daily)

$6,773 charged against grant projects (partially reimbursable)

$34,150 in building repairs, painting, and rebuilding the boardwalk and deck at the Crab Plant

$3,562 charged to the School District. We are now assisting with their maintenance on a work order basis. The school systems maintenance backlog is also large, and the City will be able to keep our staffing level higher using income from their funding sources.

$8,032 in harbor repairs and additional monitoring. And we are just getting started on needed repairs on our floats.

We will be cutting back on these expenses and repairs to meet budget requirements, and most of our additional labor in the next year will be charged against funded projects, for example;

The Fish Plant roof, ready to go, and partially grant funded

The Freezer Building roof. We just received a large insurance settlement for the earthquake damage to the roof and third floor and I am submitting a proposal to the City Council for how to address that project.

The Penstock Project

Maintenance work order projects at the school.

Other projects underway include;

The DOT will be starting our boardwalk structural repairs this winter.

Electronic upgrades to our generator controls are needed, and a $42,000.00 grant has been applied for. In the interim we are purchasing the surplus electronics from Illiamna, who just made the same upgrade recommended for us, and for $2,000.00 I hope to put off the upgrade for up to 5 years while we shop for funding.

The land fill electrical utility extension and cell tower. This has been delayed by a troublesome supplier I will no longer be using and the unfortunate death of Mr. David Kunat near Haines in May this year. I am in communications with Byte Networking and we still plan on a tower in spring, and HOPEFULLY, cell service next year.

We are putting together a fund raiser called “THE PELICAN PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT FUND”, it should be ready next month so people can donate online or send checks to City Hall for deposit to the account. We will place an announcement on the Chamber of Commerce website and Facebook, then the social media users can take it from there. Stay tuned.

And here is something else I would like the public to think about. Why don’t we start talking about selling the “Old Bunk House” as a standalone business oppurtunity. It would be great to get rid of the maintenance workload there and use that money to fund other things like additional housing.

Thanks for your time, and you know where to find me if you have any questions.

Walt Weller, Mayor

Pelican Chamber of Commerce News

Pelican Chamber of Commerce News

Pelican Chamber of Commerce News

Fall 2017


The Board of Directors met after the King Salmon Derby and voted to disperse earnings from the Derby to these community endeavors:

  • $750 to the Playground Project.
  • $250 to the Fire Department.
  • $400 to the Library.

These funds were raised through ticket sales.

Member’s Meeting and Board Meeting



Present:  Linda Carson, Norm Carson, Clint Bean, and Karen Stepanenko


Proxies from:  RJ Services (Jerome Kristjanson), Alaska Seaplanes (Cheryl Young), Chicobi Charters (Terry Wirta), Apex El  Nido (Joe Henri), Northstar Networking (Connie Newman), Sharpening Center (Ed Kalwara),  and J&S Lodging (Mini Reink)




The 2017 Fiscal Report was presented by Linda Carson, Sec/Treasurer.  In summary the Chamber had an income of $11, 583.27, and we expended $9,231.50.   There was a $4, 460.94 carryover from the previous year.  This was as of July 1, 2017.


The Gaming Account, (Salmon Derby), had a beginning balance of $2,090.92 and income of $4,635.  We expended $4,550.00 of that as of July 1, 2017.


The motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the FY 17 Fiscal Report.


Board nominations:


The following members were nominated for the five seats on the Board of Directors:  Cheryl Young, Norm Carson, Mini Reink, Linda Carson, Terry Wirta, Sandra Quinn, and Clint Bean.


The following members were elected to the Board:  Cheryl Young, Norm Carson, Mini Reink, Linda Carson, and Clint Bean.  


The Members Meeting adjourned.


The Board of Directors Meeting convened.


The new Board elected the following Board Members as officers:  Norm Carson, President, Mini Reink, Vice-President, and Linda Carson, Sec/Treasurer.  


The following discussion took place:

  • Sec/Treasurer Linda Carson reported that once the last bed tax check is received from the City, the Chamber would have about $17,000 in its checking account.  While we have not finalized an FY 18 budget, there is historically about $5,000 in advertising and another $1,000 in miscellaneous fees paid out annually.
  • We are going to ask the general membership for suggestions on where to spend Chamber income.  We will take suggestions until the end of January 2018.  A separate email will be sent out on this to the membership.
  • The Board will hold electronic meetings as needed to conduct business.
  • The 2018 Pelican King Salmon Derby dates have been moved to the second and third weekends in June, (including Fridays).  The dates will be June 8, 9, 10 and June 15, 16, and 17.  The Derby awards ceremony will be on Friday, June 22.  We will be communicating with ADF&G concerning the 2018 Sport King Salmon season in Southeast.


Board of Directors Meeting adjourned.

Apex-El Nido

Apex-El Nido

Millrock Resources has entered into an agreement with the present owners of this mining claim to market the mine.  In October the USFS issued a permit to allow exploration at the site for a perspective buyer.  The permit identifies the conditions under which any exploration may take place; this is a necessary step for the potential re-opening of the mine.  To learn more, Google Millrock Resources and Tongass Forest Projects, Hoonah District.